Ricardo Peñalver
20th Century American
Outsider Artist

About ricardo PEÑALVER (1937-1995)

My Most of All Conflicts


Am I My Body? 

Absolutely Not!...

I've come to realize this with other facts, realities!

There is more!

Which is why I must alter my consciousness

 more and more ... 

Which is why I shall, must, 

resolve this recent awareness!!! 


Peñalver 9/91

Ricardo's Legacy


Ricardo Santana Villañueva Peñalver (1937-1995) (Pen-yaal-vair) is the quintessential outsider artist of his generation. He dedicated his entire life to painting and drawing. 

 In the 1970s, this creative genius was prolific. He sold his art successfully and commissioned his work.  He created posters and street flyers promoting musicians like Miles Davis and Cal Tjader. 

He championed social issues and was a friend and ally to George Moscone, Mayor of San Francisco and California State Senator.

Born April 4, 1937 in San Antonio, Texas; Ricardo referred to August 11, 1979 as his 'other birthday'. His life was permanently altered after being shot and robbed while trading gold bullion in San Francisco. He was rendered a paraplegic. 

The ensuing years were challenging as he depicted his transition from 'walking to wheels' in hundreds of paintings. He taught himself to paint left handed as he persevered to regain the use of his dominant hand. Ricardo's triumph culminated in 1988 

with the unveiling of 

Seated Man Dancing

his post-paralysis 

renaissance masterpiece.

Alexa Bryson

Alexa Bryson the life long companion of Ricardo has dedicated her life to preserving his legacy.

Alexa Bryson, Ricardo Peñalver's lifelong companion and partner has always been cognizant of the importance and mastery of his ingenious art.

For nearly half a century, Alexa has dedicated her life to promoting Ricardo's Art. She is the authoritative expert, historian 

and curator of his work. 

Her dedicated resolve has produced alliances with corporations, governmental agencies, charitable organizations, consumer products companies and private collectors.

Ricardo PeÑalver biography


2019 Affordable Art for the World; Fine Art America - RicardosArt37 Gallery

2018 Woolsey Wildfire – 6 major Peñalver paintings destroyed in fire; Mask, Spring Wizardry,  Body of Spheres, Para Tí, Balance and Magnificent Sphere Power 

2006-2009 Owls Pals™, ancillary merchandise; including stop motion animation film

2005 Owls Pals™, Benefit Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center of Seattle

2004 Peñ’s Pals Soft Sculpted Owls, Toys for Tots, Bellevue

2003-2004 Peñ’s Pals Soft Sculpted Owls, More than just stuffed toys … They’reArt!

2002 Peñ’s Pals Calendar, California Governor’s Committee for Employment of DisabledPersons

2002 KPIX-TVCBS, San Francisco, Peñ’s Pals Public Service Announcements for the California Governor’s Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons

2001 ABILITY Magazine, Portrait of an Artist

2000 ABILITY Magazine, Thank You to Microsoft

2000 Christopher & Dana Reeve, Personal Communique

2000 Microsoft, Holiday Gift; Seated Man Dancing, Petite Peñalver, Limited Edition Lithograph  

2000 Artemis Gallery, Seattle

2000 launched 

1998 Alexa Bryson Art, LLC, Bellevue; founded to promote and celebrate the life work of Ricardo Peñalver 

1995 Ricardo passes

1989 One Man Show - Alexa Bryson Gallery, San Anselmo

1979 Ricardo is robbed, shot and paralyzed. He will live the remainder of his life as a paraplegic

1979-1975 Friend and Liaison of George Moscone , Mayor of SanFrancisco and CA State Senator 

1978-1979 Interpreter, San Francisco General Hospital

1976 LULAC Foundation Opening Ceremonies, Poet, Dorinda Morales dedicates La Nina Lina en East LA - Peñalver Power to Ricardo Peñalver

1976 Artist Studio, LULAC Foundation, San Francisco

1974 PeñAlexa Studio, San Francisco, Affordable Art for the World 

1974 Miles Davis Poster, Keystone Korner, San Francisco

1974 Captive Arts, Sausalito

1974 Nanny Goat Hill Gallery, San Francisco

1974 KPIX-TV CBS, Solesvida, Marcos  Gutierrez, SanFrancisco

1973 Cal Tjader Posters & Handbills, San Francisco

1973 Luis Gasca & Mongo Santamaria Great American Music Hall Poster, San Francisco

1973 Jacaranda Gallery, San Francisco

1973 Captive Arts Gallery, Sausalito

1973 Huracane Productions, San Francisco

1972 Fantasy Records - Maló

1972 KEMO-TV, San Francisco

1972 Garfield Park Music Festival, Poster, Art Show, San Francisco

1972 Orphanage Club, Mural, San Francisco

1971 KRON-TV NBC, San Francisco

1971 The Chicano Moratorium, East LA

1970 Horizon Project, Treatment Director, City of New York, under the direction of Mayor John Lindsay

1969 Discharge and Release from Superior Court of the State of California in and for County of Los Angeles

1961-1965 Vice Chairman Inmate Council, San Quentin Prison

1960-1961 San Quentin, School

1957-1959 Soledad Prison, School;  Violation of Section 11500 of the Health and Safety Code; Marijuana 

Thalo Blue; right handed portrait, 1975 pre-dates Mastery; (home page) left handed portrait, 1988

Thalo Blue; right handed portrait, 1975 pre-dates Mastery; (home page) left handed portrait, 1988

Affordable Art For The World

Affordable Art for the World is a dream Ricardo Peñalver and I shared 42 years ago in 1977 while operating PEÑALEXA Studio.  

Thanks to print-on-demand technology our dream is now a reality. 

Our collaboration with Fine Art America allows you to affordably purchase your favorite paintings, by Ricardo, as reproductions and to discover his amazing art printed on apparel, home décor and lifestyle merchandise.

Use the link below to connect with RicardosArt37 on Fine Art America.

With gratitude,

Alexa Bryson